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Personal 365 Project - Week 3

I am challenging myself to document the authentic, in-between moments for my family. This is what our 2017 looks like a day at a time.

Jan 15

Henry – you are such a good helper. You love to be given a list of chores – you thrive on the responsibility and take pride in your accomplishments. I am so proud of the work ethic you have.

Jan 16

Anna – this house didn’t come with closets or a mirror in your room and a few weeks ago you mentioned wanting a mirror. I forgot about it and then you started bringing it up more frequently so I picked one up for you. I’m so lucky to get to see how beautiful you are everyday and now you can too. You do spend some time primping in front of your mirror, but I LOVE that I found that you moved the mirror from where I put it because you wanted to be able to see yourself in it while jumping on your trampoline.

Jan 17

We’re making pancakes and it’s always a battle to see who will get to crack the eggs. We’re on a rotating schedule and today was Henry’s lucky day.

Jan 18

Henry, you were the first one to notice when the “Fill Washer Fluid” light came on in my car. You commented on it every day so this weekend I sent you and Daddy to the store to buy more and fill it up. I’m so thankful you’re here to help us with these little jobs that might not get done without you.

Jan 19

Your dad is looking forward to the day when we’re car seat-free. But not me. I love those car seats. I have had some version of car seat in the back of my car for almost 7 years now – and I love that they’re there reserving the seats just for my cubs. I love listening to you two in the backseat – sometimes there’s fighting – but mostly there’s silliness – talking about who did what at school, wondering about things we see on the drive, making song requests, making plans for the rest of the day – I learn a lot about you while you’re sitting in those car seats.

Jan 20

You two are getting so big – so independent, so smart, so busy. I like to look at your feet dangling off the chairs – you’re big – but you’re still little.

Jan 21

Daddy took everyone on a ski trip to the Black Forest so it’s just me today. I went into Henry’s room and saw this sign. You two have been setting up stores since you were 3 – you sell to each other, to me, to Daddy - sometimes you advertise to friends and neighbors. Henry – you made this sign. Apparently it was a cash-only day at the store. I hope it was a successful day!


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