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Personal 365 Project - Weeks 1-2

I am challenging myself to capture the authentic, in-between moments for my own family. Here are the first 2 weeks of 2017. You can see a full-size version of each image and read a bit about it below.

Jan 1

No matter how tired or grumpy you two are by the end of the day, when I announce it’s bedtime you both get a second wind and turn into crazy, wild little things – doing your best to get every bit of action into the day before you give in and sleep. Even brushing your teeth is filled with silliness and laughter.

Jan 2

Usually it’s lights out as soon as you get tucked in, but since you’re still on break from school, we let you stay up and read a bit. You received this book, Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls, for Christmas and it goes everywhere with you. You’ve learned about so many amazing women and you’re asking questions about activism and equality which is fueling some interesting conversation.

Jan 3

Racing home from the school bus stop – it’s 15 degrees outside and I can’t get you to wear your coat!

Jan 4

Math homework is not your favorite thing, Anna. We do homework as soon as you get home from school so that the rest of the day is yours – but these 30 minutes or so are tough for you.

Jan 5

Henry, you’ve become such a good reader this year. It’s such a treat to hear you read out loud to Anna.

Jan 6

There’s still a little snow left on the ground, but this was the first day in weeks we’ve seen the sun. We spent just a few minutes outside soaking it in.

Jan 7

Oooh Henry – we let your hair get way too long over the holidays!! We took you to the place where all the Generals go and tried to convince you to sign a picture of you and hang it on the wall like they do.

Jan 8

Weekend mornings are my favorite! Henry will yell from his room, “Is it morning yet?!” I’ll respond with, “Yes – come here!!” Sometimes you come running, sometimes you come slowly, sleepily. You climb in bed and get close to me and a few minutes later Anna makes her way in to join us. It's just sweet morning cuddles until Daddy wakes up and the tickling and wrestling begins.

Jan 9

Anna – you in this shower cap is one of my favorite things. Sometimes you’ll come running downstairs with nothing on but the shower cap to report a problem in the bathroom – the water’s too hot, too cold, there’s a bug, is there bubble bath . . . you are so serious and concerned – yet naked with a huge pink shower cap.

Jan 10

Finally some big snow! We’ve been waiting for snow we could do something with and we finally got about 4 inches – it was heavy, wet snow – just enough for a snowball fight! Even better, the snow also brought out our neighbor, who only speaks German, but somehow the 3 of you found a way to make it work and ended up playing for hours.

Jan 11

Taking baths together doesn’t happen very often anymore. Henry now prefers the shower – but you both received some bath fizz that colors the water for Christmas so decided to get together to experiment with color mixing. You had so much fun that I had to hang all the bath mats to dry and still needed to mop up the floor.

Jan 12

Henry – this was one of your first large Lego sets – and today you discovered that the hallway outside your room made a perfect runway for it.

Jan 13

Anna – oh how you love to eat snow – you prefer fresh out of the sky.

Jan 14

We went to London for a weekend last Thanksgiving and while there, you and Henry had waffles covered in caramel sauce for breakfast every day. On a whim, I saw some caramel sauce at the grocery store and picked it up to surprise you all.


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