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Personal 365 Project - Week 4

I am challenging myself to document the authentic, in-between moments for my family. This is what our 2017 looks like a day at a time.

Jan 22

It’s my birthday today – and it’s a big one. Forty. I wasn’t particularly sad, but not exactly happy about it. Anna, you noticed my apathy and said, “Mom? Why aren’t you excited it’s your birthday? Don’t you feel like partying?”

Jan 23

Anna - you’re reading your assigned book to Henry. I love how much Henry pays attention when you read.

Jan 24

Henry – you’re doing your calculator homework. Your teacher gave you a solar powered calculator and though I’ve explained that it will work in any light, you will only use it in sunlight.

Jan 25

Daddy keeps a water bottle in the refrigerator and since he’s traveling for the week, Henry, you’ve decided you needed to keep one in there since you’re the man of the house this week. We’re on our way to soccer practice which starts at 6:00 pm, but it’s already dark outside.

Jan 26

Anna – you’re playing with your Shopkins in your room. You started collecting them last year in Qatar and have now acquired quite a set. Though you have dozens, you know the names of each of them and you enjoy looking at lists of them as much as you enjoy playing with them.

Jan 27

Today both of you received good news at school. Henry received the Ramstein Elementary School STAR student award for being studious and Anna was told she was reading/comprehending at a mid-year 3rd grade level and was moved to the highest reading group in her class. Your daddy and I are so proud of your accomplishments – you both work very hard and we’re so happy for you that you’re starting to see the rewards of your diligence. While you’re both very smart children, your Dad and I want you to understand the importance of hard work and consistent effort – not everything has or will come easily, but you’ll be able to achieve and overcome the challenges that come your way if you continue to work as you do. To celebrate, we went out for a special treat – you both chose your favorites, a vanilla milkshake with whipped cream for Henry and a double scoop of strawberry eis for Anna.

Jan 28

When you were 2 we lived in Jordan and had a nanny, Jean, who would occasionally let you have sips of her mint tea. I’ve started letting you have a few more sips and about a month ago you asked me to teach you how to make your own. You now have your system down pat and even clean up your little messes without being asked.


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