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Personal 365 Project - Week 5

I am challenging myself to document the authentic, in-between moments for my family. This is what our 2017 looks like.

Jan 29

You both had to turn in cereal boxes at school to make mailboxes for Valentine cards so the upcoming holiday has been on your minds. You spend the afternoon cutting out hearts so that we can use them to give each other little love notes at home.

Jan 30

My poor girl isn’t feeling well. Last week you both came home with stories of friends getting sick in the classroom – I’m hoping it doesn’t happen to you – or to our carpet – so we’re prepared with a trashcan in case you can’t make it to the bathroom.

Jan 31

Henry, your favorite thing used to be your matchbox cars – from about age 2 through 5. You must have hundreds of them! Since you’ve started building Lego sets, you haven’t played with them at all – but today you brought down a big box of cars and airplanes and built a little city in the living room. It’s so interesting to watch you play – sometimes you organize them in neat and tidy rows, sometimes you choreograph a vehicle ballet with them, moving them here and there. You also like to build ramps and bridges for them using cardboard boxes you pull out of the recycle bin.

Feb 1

Today was your first day of the card playing club at school, so instead of riding the bus home, I picked you both up. Though it was cold, at least it wasn’t raining, so we spent a few minutes on the playground.

Feb 2

Anna, you’ve started receiving homework assignments that require you to use my computer. Here you are working away with your little unicorn, Fantasia.

Feb 3

You two were upstairs playing together for a long time and all I could hear was muffled chatter. When I went up to check on you, I found you both in Henry’s room going through his quarters trying to find some of the missing states for Anna’s coin collection.

Feb 4

Morning cuddles turned to morning wrestles – looks like everyone ganged up on poor Henry!

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