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Personal 365 Project - Week 6

I am challenging myself to document the authentic, in-between moments for my family. This is what our 2017 looks like . . .

Feb 5

I was sitting in my office and overheard the two of you talking about the chickens in our yard . . .

Anna: Oh look, they’re playing tag! The white one is “it”!

Henry: And now they’re wrestling!

Feb 6

Putting the garbage out is one of your favorite chores. There are 4 different bins and you keep up with the schedule better than the rest of us. I am so thankful for your willingness to help.

Feb 7

The winter is so long and dreary, so today I let you pick out a new little Lego set just for fun. Unfortunately, you put them together so quickly that the fun doesn’t last as long as I’d like!

Feb 8

You and your paper airplanes. You’ll walk into the office and open up the printer and pull out a handful of paper and get to work making paper airplanes. Never just one. Sometimes you make traditional planes, sometimes you experiment and create your own designs.

Feb 9

Anna – it’s hard to convince you to get outside and you have a valid complaint – it is cold and wet. You’ve created a new exercise as you launch yourself back and forth across the couch. You laugh so hard when you fly across it – I love to hear that little bird laugh of yours – so the no-jumping-on-the-couch rule has been suspended for the remainder of the winter.

Feb 10

Bouncy balls are always a hit!

Feb 11

You’re both playing in a soccer tournament this morning. For the past few tournaments, Henry, you’ve asked to be goalkeeper. You are so good at it! It is rare when a ball gets past you – and when one does, you take it very hard. But, you’re learning about the importance of teamwork and so are your teammates – one person cannot do it by himself. I love this picture of you. You stopped this ball the last few seconds of the game – you’re still a bit shocked, but your teammates are already celebrating.

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