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Personal 365 Project - Week 8

I am challenging myself to document the authentic, in-between moments for my family. This is what our 2017 looks like . . .

Feb 19

We drove down to Speyer to visit the Technik Museum. While the Air and Space Museum in Dulles clearly has better funding, this one was exciting for you both because you were able to go in just about every plane and train on site.

Feb 20

This picture was actually taken on Jan 19 at the Technik Museum. I couldn’t decide yesterday which one to use, and as today ended up being a bit disastrous I decided not to take a picture and instead to include this one documenting Anna checking out the Soviet space shuttle. The true story of Jan 20 was that in lieu of a birthday party, you two decided to take a trip to Koln to what was promised to be a very exciting and fun water park. You two got very hurt on the first ride after Daddy sent you down the slide without realizing you should have been using inner tubes. You came out a bit bloody and black and blue and with lots of tears. Your enthusiasm for the rest of the park was gone and while we managed to stay and swim for about 2 hours, you were both ready to go home early. I felt so badly for you – but Anna cheered up at the thought of telling her class all about her new injuries.

Feb 21

Anna – your class is celebrating Fasching and for weeks prior to the big party, you deliberated whether or not you should volunteer to tell a joke. You were very nervous as you knew you had to come up with something good to make all of the 2nd graders laugh. You woke up this morning and excitedly put on your Pippi Longstocking costume and practiced your joke a few times before school. I was so proud of you when it came time for jokes and your hand shot up! You had to stand in the butte (which looked like a trash can) and speak into the microphone. Your joke was: What starts with a P, ends with an E, and has a million letters? The post office!!! You spoke so clearly and loudly and everyone laughed! What a brave girl you were!

Feb 22

It’s your birthday!!! I can’t believe my babies are 7!! I am so honored that I was chosen to be your mother – you are the most incredible things – you are what I am most proud of and what I work hardest for. You inspire me and challenge me and I am so grateful that you made me Mom. I am so proud of the young man and woman you have become and while birthdays make me sad as they celebrate all the time that has passed that will never be again – I am so excited to see who you’ll be at 8!

Feb 23

Today is the Father/Daughter dance – another day you’ve been anticipating for weeks! We picked out your dress and had to order shoes that were a size too big because you had your heart set on the black glittery ones with the little heel. You got ready at home and we met Daddy at school and you two spent the evening together. What a lucky man your Daddy was to have such a smart, funny, sweet little girl as his date.

Feb 24

Not surprisingly, Henry, you received several Lego sets for your birthday. Knowing they were sitting there at night was just too much for you so for the past 2 mornings you’ve been up at 0500 so you have time to work on them before school. Just 2 days after your birthday you have both sets completed.

Feb 25

It’s definitely warming up now – easily 50 degrees today – so we went out to play in the forest by our house. You guys found a few trails to hike, trepidatiously looked into what might be little animal dens, searched for mushrooms, and built a fort. You both commented on how sad you were to see all the trees that had been chopped down. Anna said, “Don’t they know we need oxygen? Didn’t they go to kindergarten?!”


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