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Personal 365 Project | Week 24 - Ramstein Family Photographer

I am challenging myself to document the authentic, in-between moments for my family. This is what our 2017 looks like . . .

June 11

Geierlay – 360 meters long and 100 meters above ground – Germany’s longest suspension bridge. Nope. This bridge was not for Mama.

June 12

Running through the sprinkler is the best way to spend the hot afternoon hours.

June 13

Today was your class graduation event and celebration. (Sadly, I was only able to attend for a few minutes as I was then called away to the hospital for a mother in labor - which is why the picture of the day is of you being silly not you in a cap and gown.) After a concert of German songs, Herr von Eicken had each of you stand in front of the class and he told a few little stories and had some words of wisdom for you. He shared about your reading achievements and told you to push and challenge yourself so you don’t become bored or sleepy. He also told you that you had been given a gift, and when you have a gift, you have an obligation to use it to help other people. He’s right – you already are a helper – and I can’t wait to see what else you do with the gifts you’ve been given my smart, sweet, funny, beautiful girl.

June 14

Dirt all over your knees and arms and face. Looks like you’ve had a good day!

June 15

It’s the last day of school!! Oh my goodness you two have grown so much! Henry, you are ready to move on to 2nd grade. Anna, you poor thing, you cried yourself to sleep tonight because you’re so sad to not get to see Herr von Eicken every day. I know you’re heartbroken but I am so thankful for you to have had such good experiences with your teachers – and you’ll see him again next year!

June 16

Seriously – German playgrounds are the best.

June 17 Even Henry and Anna commented on the composition of the windmills and the church when we walked past!


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