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Personal 365 Project | Weeks 26-27 - Ramstein Family Photographer

I am challenging myself to document the authentic, in-between moments for my family. This is what our 2017 looks like . . .

June 25


June 26

We spent the afternoon making our own stationery with fern leaves.

June 27

Why are these things legal?

June 28

Summertime soccer prep.

June 29

Anna: Henry! HURRY!!! The sky is going to explode!!

June 30

Went on a nice hike this afternoon. As usual, Henry found the perfect walking stick.

July 1

We’re on our way for a quick trip to Italy. It’s so nice to just have short little flights! Anna insisted on sitting with me and we played rock, paper, scissors for half the flight. The rest of the time you tried to teach me games on your iPad and you laughed at my ineptitude with the games that required quick reflexes – but marveled at my prowess at Hangman!

July 2

We explored Rome yesterday and went down to Pompeii this morning. Thank goodness for these water fountains all over the city. Henry and Anna – you two were convinced you were going to die of dehydration.

July 3

Hot, tired, and annoyed with each other. We’re in Pisa today. I’ve always thought that the famous tower was pretty disappointing, but Henry, you were very curious about it. We talked about the importance of good engineering and you thought that maybe you should be an engineer. You spent the rest of the day coming up with ideas about things you could build – factories that don’t pollute the earth, cars that don’t need gas, a way to transform my SUV into the size of a small car for when I’m by myself . . . I can’t wait to see what you end up building!

July 4

Headed home. Had to wake up early, and apparently all the heat and sun and walking over the past few days took its toll on Anna, who started throwing up as soon as she woke up and continued to do so until we got on the plane (which made the security line at the airport extra special). Henry decided to stay out of the way and went outside our AirBnB and played cards while we did our best to get Anna travel ready.

July 5

This is typical of any chore – Henry is working away and Anna has created a picnic for herself with a front row seat.

July 6

Mom!! It’s a baby ladybug!!

July 7

First ones at the pool!

July 8

With no air conditioning, the pool does seem to make a lot of sense.


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