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Personal 365 Project | Weeks 31 and 32

I am challenging myself to document the authentic, in-between moments for my family. This is what our 2017 looks like . . .

August 1

Henry was determined to get on top of the first layer of hay bales.

August 2

Looks like the sunflower is just a *little* bit taller!

August 3

Yesterday afternoon we saw a caterpillar crawling around on our front drive, then we saw it attach itself to the underside of our front porch steps. This morning we checked on it and saw that it had turned into a chrysalis. We were so excited to watch it. Unfortunately, the afternoon brought in another storm and the poor thing was washed away.

August 4

This is what it looks like when Mom tries to sneak up on the kids chatting over ice cream.

August 5

We’re in a train en route to Paris – and all happy to be on the fast train. You two are occupied with a game of cards.

August 6

Anna’s summer must do – see the Eiffel Tower! When we walked around the corner and you saw it for the first time, you were in disbelief – you have the best facial expressions and here you let your jaw drop. I think you were expecting something much smaller – I’m glad you were impressed!

August 7

More cards – in the AirBnB.

August 8

We went for a little hike today outside of Hahn. You two love looking at the tall trees and chatted amongst yourself about how long the trees must have been growing to get so big.

August 9

Oops! Running across the street and tripped and hit your face on the curb. Oh my goodness I am so thankful you didn’t lose teeth or break your nose – or worse!

August 10

We see these purple flowers every day as we fly by on the autobahn so today we thought we’d go see what they looked like up close.

August 11

While we were in London a few weeks ago, our landlord came and staked the little apple tree in our yard. It seems he didn’t appreciate Henry’s hole, so he filled it in. Today, you couldn’t take it anymore and re-dug the hole. Same spot – same hole – all back to normal.

August 12

Took a short drive down to the French border to go on a hike. We choose the shorter, steeper route to the top and I was worried that it would be too strenuous for Henry and Anna and that they’d get discouraged. Seems I underestimated you two as you just bounded up the trail – chatting happily the whole way. We got to spend a few minutes at Wegelnburg, but headed down quickly as it started to pour.

August 13

We took a short trip to the Mosel and found a little fest going on so stopped for lunch and a few carnival games.

August 14

All the rain has filled up the little creek by our house – there are so many interesting creatures there it was hard to get you to leave.


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