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Personal 365 Project | Weeks 33 and 34

I am challenging myself to document the authentic, in-between moments for my family. This is what our 2017 looks like . . .

August 15

Anna has been reading Captain Underpants books fast and furiously and with the release of the movie has been looking for a CU shirt. Unfortunately, none seem to exist for little girls, so she made her own.

August 16

You two have been doing this since you were two – never gets old.

August 17

What’s better than Daddy?!

August 18

I don’t know exactly what’s going on here – but you’re wearing a cape and you’ve got a long stick and have been out playing in the drizzle all afternoon.

August 19

Seems Henry is off to explore Ljubljana all on his own.

August 20

A little break at a playground as we take our last trip of the summer. We’re in Salzburg and nothing’s as impressive as the flip bar at the playground.

August 21

At Daddy’s insistence, we made it just in time to see a few minutes of the falcon demonstration in Salzburg.

August 22

The main reason for hitting Salzburg was so that Anna could see all of the Sound of Music sites. Ha! We hiked up to the location of the picnic scene – which is now a cow pasture. It rained on our way down and so we ran – which was fine until Anna fell and yelled and cried for about a half of a mile.

August 23

Anna – you’re making quesadillas for yourself and Henry. You told me one of your favorite things to do is make things in the kitchen.

August 24

As usual, Henry, you’re always happy to help when there’s a chore to do outside.

August 25

Just a little bike ride around the neighborhood where we were happy to see that the neighbor’s pumpkin patch is filled with already-ripe pumpkins!

August 26

It’s your first soccer tournament as U9s and poor Henry took 2 nasty balls to the face.

August 27

Last day of summer before school – slip ‘n slide seemed like the best way to celebrate! Also - can you tell Daddy applied the sunscreen?

August 28

First day of 2nd grade! Anna is off to Frau Whitely’s class and is a little nervous about having a strict teacher this year. It seems Henry’s dreams have come true as he heads off to Mrs. Christensen, who doesn’t assign homework.

August 29

Just looking at this picture makes me uneasy. It is such an unsettling feeling to put your little people on a bus and send them out into the big, bad world. We dropped you off at school on the first day, so this is your first day on the bus this year – we were so happy to see our favorite bus driver has returned!!

August 30

You found out that grilled ham and cheese sandwiches were on the menu and both of you requested that I pack your lunch. Who doesn’t like grilled cheese?!

August 31

I love these foggy mornings – Anna says they’re “creepy”.


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