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Personal 365 Project | Weeks 35-39

I am challenging myself to document the authentic, in-between moments for my family. This is what our 2017 looks like . . .

September 1

If there’s a tunnel, Henry will be in it.

September 2

First soccer tournament of the season at our home pitch in Schwedelbach. I am always so proud of you, Anna, every time you walk out there!

September 3

We found a new playground and even Daddy got in on the action. Who can resist a bumpy slide?!

September 4

You two went to the Elschbach Viking Festival over the weekend – you came back smelling like smoked meat and each had one of these horns that you were determined to use as cups. “We just have to wash them out, Mom!” Egh. I’d much rather you pretend to be a cow.

September 5

Anna – you have been busy creating slideshows with the pictures you take on your little camera. You’re working on a back-to-school themed project now and I LOVE that you perched yourself up there on the couch to get a more creative perspective of these folders.

September 6

Went for a hike – found a log to kick.

September 7

We love this soft mossy grass. I think the days are numbered before jackets and hats become mandatory again so we’ve been outside a little bit extra lately to enjoy the outside while still unencumbered with winter gear.

September 8

This little lizard was playing dead – or he was just terrified and couldn’t move.

September 9

It’s only the second soccer tournament of the season and it’s already uncomfortably cold. It only made it to the mid-50s and was drizzling most of the morning. You guys don’t seem to notice out on the field and you play your little hearts out.

September 10

Frau Whitely told Anna that fairies are real so Anna has created a little spot for them on our front porch, should any be in the neighborhood. The rocks spell out “For Fairies,” the bucket of water is their hot tub, and the leaf stretched over 2 rocks is a hammock.

September 11

Looking for grasshoppers.

September 12

It has been rainy and cloudy all day for what seems like weeks now – but every evening just before sunset the sun comes out for a few minutes.

September 13

Today you caught a little frog. You built a little grass nest for it and spent hours outside with it. Before the day ended you rounded up an old shoebox and set it up as a little frog house for the night.

September 14

Frog habitat has been revamped. It now includes varying terrain and a swimming pool. The frog has now been named Digger.

September 15

Anna was caught with Digger in her room last night and was immediately sent outside to put him away. Between the back door and Digger’s house, she found another little frog and quickly caught it and added it to what is now the frog community in my clear plastic storage bin. This one is a little bigger than Digger and has been named Hipster.

September 16

Looked out in the backyard and found Henry holding one of the neighbor’s chicken. This one is easy to catch since she at one time was injured she can only hop and not run.

September 17


September 18

There is not as much homework this year – but it is always a bit frustrating.

September 19


September 20 Sunset is inching forward and my fancy girl got to ride along with me tonight as I went to check out a spot I’d be using for clients. It’s not often we get to hang out without the boys and we had such good chats in the car. It’s so fun to hear about all the details of your day!

September 21


September 22

It’s fall!

September 23

Had to pick the biggest one he could pick up!

September 24

Was heading downstairs and looked out the window and saw Henry busy chopping the weeds on the side of the road down a bit from our house. When I asked about it, he said he found a good place to dig and had to get rid of the stinging nettle.

September 25

Hanging out with Chancellor Merkel after yesterday’s election.

September 26

Found a big rock in his new digging spot!

September 27

Perfect weather, the perfect hill, and the perfect company.

September 28

Henry’s cargo transport system.

September 29

The crew in Randy’s office decorated for his big 40th!! Henry and Anna happily joined as the cleanup crew!

September 30

We celebrated Randy’s birthday with a quick trip to Stuttgart’s Oktoberfest. Festivals are one of Anna’s favorite things – where else can you get roller coasters *and* cotton candy?! A few one-liners: A festival without rides is just a meeting! The person who invented festivals is my fourth favorite person in the world!! If you ever want to make me happy, just find a festival!


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