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Personal 365 Project | Weeks 40-44

I am challenging myself to document the authentic, in-between moments for my family. This is what our 2017 looks like . . .

October 1

Daddy is out of town, so while I work on my computer, Henry has been playing on his laptop. Seems he discovered ebay.de and found a deal on a vintage Lego set. We discussed how auctions work and he decided to place a bid. We watched the clock until the final few minutes of the auction and gathered around to see if he won. He beat out the 1 other bidder and claimed the set!

October 2

Anna has had her doll, Poppy, for 4 years and never really shown much interest in her – but all of a sudden, she loves her! She created a little bed and play room for her and we were able to get some doll clothes from a local yard sale site.

October 3

I was working in my office and all of a sudden Henry and Anna came running in, “Mama! Come quick!! The birds are circling!” You two are convinced that this is part of the migration process – they’re circling to collect other birds to fly out together. I don’t know if that’s true – but it’s a great theory!

October 4

Took my boy out to explore.

October 5


October 6

Hiking in Landstuhl.

October 7

Henry’s ebay Lego set arrived! It arrived fully assembled! It was a tough decision, but I convinced him to break it apart and rebuild it from instruction we found online.

October 8

Went to a local apple orchard and made out like bandits.

October 9

Making sure we have exxxxactly 4 cups of Rice Krispies for our treats.

October 10

Set up the tripod and set the interval timer on the camera to take our Christmas card picture – this was my favorite outtake.

October 11 Looks like Henry’s home!

October 12

Fun new toy is serious business.

October 13

Pet frogs Digger and Hipster seem to have disappeared so Henry and Anna are determined to find replacements. After it was determined that frogs are nocturnal, a plan was made to hunt at night. Henry is armed with my headlamp and Anna has Daddy’s big flashlight. A complete search of the yard yielded no results.

October 14

Up before the sunrise, as usual, and out the door as soon as he could get dressed to continue the frog hunt.

October 15

That’s a lot of leaves.

October 16

Halloween costume prep.

October 17

Somehow I got talked into buying a Lego set at the BX today.

October 18

Henry got Legos, Anna got a puzzle and today we’re getting started!

October 19

Getting ready for Halloween.

October 20

Of course I ended up putting together the puzzle myself – but WHERE IS THE LAST PIECE?!

October 21

We’ve had 3 weeks off from tournaments but were back at it this Saturday – in the rain, of course. Henry – you scored the first goal for your team for the entire season! We were all so happy for you!!! Coach ran onto the field after the game and picked you up and then Daddy carried you off the field on his shoulders!

October 22

We’re out of books so spent some time in the library this afternoon.

October 23

Anna lost a tooth!! Each time one of you loses a tooth you celebrate and I celebrate with you, but I can’t help but be sad to see the very physical and tangible development from baby to adult. You carefully washed your tooth and placed it in your tooth fairy pillow and I had no trouble getting you up in the morning as you were ready to check to see if the fairy had come. She did! And she left 2 euro!

October 24

One last run through the leaves before they get cleaned up by the village.

October 25

Frau Whitely is letting everyone carve a pumpkin in class next week – so it’s back to the patch we go!

October 26

Thought we’d try the drill on the pumpkins this year – Henry – you wouldn’t stop until you drained 2 drill batteries.

October 27

This is how it looks when I walk to the bus stop with the kids. Anna holds my hand and chats and Henry runs ahead.

October 28

Look at all those people trying to get the ball from you!

October 29

100% ready to trick or treat.

October 30

Made it below freezing last night and had the first dusting of frost this morning!

October 31


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