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Personal 365 Project - Week 12

March 25, 2017

I am challenging myself to document the authentic, in-between moments for my family. This is what our 2017 looks like . . . 




Mar 19

You two have always been good helpers, but you’ve been indispensible these past few days as we all learn to adjust to Mama being somewhat out of the game. Not only do you help willingly and proactively with chores, but your attitudes have been so compassionate and sympathetic. Henry, your favorite new responsibility is vacuuming – you like the process – but complain that wrapping up the cord is the worst part.



Mar 20

I was laying down reading, and Anna found a sunny spot and a good book. You like to do your own thing, but prefer to do it in the same room as me.



Mar 21

I usually meet you right at the bus stop, but since I’m hobbling on crutches, I’ve saved myself a few steps and have waited on this side of the street. It is a shockingly different perspective. When I’m on the same side of the street as you, you’re my babies coming home to me – but from here – the other side of the street – I see the responsible, independent, and capable young people you’re becoming. I know you’d be just fine coming home by yourselves – but I’m not ready for that just yet.



Mar 22

Yesterday Anna came home and reported in on the book fair going on at school this week. She provided us with a list of interesting titles and their asking price. Not only did she look for her interests, but Henry’s as well. She told us that there was a Lego pop-up book for $30. THIRTY DOLLARS? Must be quite the book! I gave each of you $30 and told you to buy whatever you wanted. You both got off the bus super excited to share your purchases. Anna chose Surviving the Invasion (a book about WWII), Captain Underpants, and Rapunzel. Henry told me he did indeed buy the pop-up book and got it out to show me. I had to laugh when I saw it – this is indeed an impressive pop-up book!



Mar 23

Tonight was the big Art Extravaganza at school. Everyone had a piece of artwork on display and you two have been excited about it for weeks. Here you both are admiring Henry’s work – the goldfish in the water. Even more exciting – someone purchased each of your pieces for $10! What accomplished artists you are!!



Mar 24

I am 8 days post break and the swelling was down enough today to have a proper hard cast put on my foot and leg. Obviously hot pink was the way to go. Anna, you felt strongly that if my toes were going to be showing for 4 weeks straight, that they definitely needed a little polish.



Mar 25

What a beautiful spring day it is!! First lawn mowing of the year!


















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