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Personal 365 Project | Week 19 - Ramstein Family Photographer

May 13, 2017

I am challenging myself to document the authentic, in-between moments for my family. This is what our 2017 looks like . . . 



May 7

The field behind our house is full of dandelions and you run out there to pick them and make wishes quite frequently. I’m hoping your wishes are coming true because you haven’t gotten discouraged yet.


May 8

While getting you two in the bath is a bit of a battle almost every night, once you’re in there you have the best time.


May 9

This is teacher appreciation week and you’ve worked so hard to make it special for Herr von Eicken. Every day you’ve given him a note and a treat and here you’re hard at work on the card you’re going to give him tomorrow.


May 10

You two are both climbing the doorways and you jump down from the very top. I’ve asked you repeatedly not to jump from that high – but you “forget” on a regular basis.


May 11

There is a constant pile of sand and dirt by our doors. You’re getting much better about emptying your shoes before you come in and I am so thankful!


May 12

I walked by the bathroom and this is what I saw. The floors are still being heated in the bathroom and so it’s the warmest room in the house and apparently that plus the little mat make it the perfect place to lay out your Pokémon cards.


May 13

We stopped to turn in our plastic bottles and collect our deposit. You were both thrilled to learn we earned almost 11 Euro with just 1 bin of bottles.


















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