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Our Messy, Joyful Love Story and a Special Offer for KMC Families

January 30, 2018

For 2 days now my family has had to forego use of the kitchen table. My 7-year old daughter has claimed it as her Valentine’s Day workshop and it’s covered with construction paper, markers, and scissors (I’m no rookie – you won’t find glitter in this house). As much as I want to make her pick up stakes and take her mess elsewhere, I’m letting her finish – she’s working so hard to find a way to show each of us how much she loves us. Judging from the discarded rough drafts I’ve found in the recycling bin, I know she has started over many times – she wants her cards to be neat – to be perfect. But I know that love’s rarely neat – and certainly not perfect. And she doesn’t yet understand that it’s not the perfectly spaced letters on her card – but the work and time and effort and care that she’s putting into it that fill my mama heart up.

Our house is full of love – it’s not as pretty as hearts and flowers – but it is infinitely more beautiful.


It’s laying on a couch for 2 months to keep those babies inside you safe – because every day counts.


It’s giving up sleep for 6 months to figure out how to help keep those 2 newborns thriving.


It’s never once questioning (out loud) your wife’s 365th day straight of leggings and a ponytail because you understand she’s in survival mode and your opinion is not helpful.

It’s giving up sleep again 3 years later during The Year of the Night Terrors.


It’s reaching your hand behind you from the driver’s seat as you hear your daughter about to get sick – catching it – pulling over to get things under control – and thinking only about how horrible and scared she must feel.


It’s shopping for a king-sized bed because Saturday morning whole-family snuggle sessions are getting a bit tight – but they can’t end over something as silly as a queen-sized bed!


It’s playing Monopoly. Again.


It’s 2 tiny voices and 1 Daddy voice yelling, “MAMA!!!!” when I come home late.

That’s how the real love looks in our home – and I bet it looks pretty similar in yours. It’s messy, and patient, and joyful! I’d love to help document your beautiful, real life love story and am offering my half-day in the life sessions for just 200 euro for those who book before February 14, 2018. You’ll receive the best digital images from your session and will have the opportunity to order an album to look through for years to come!













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