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My Children's Newborn Pictures Are Beautiful - And Why I Don't Like Them

February 9, 2018

Just a few days ago, I received a birthday card from my mother. In it, she enclosed a Polaroid picture of me in my hospital bassinet along with a handwritten note detailing my birth story. It was the perfect gift. 


With 13 days until my own children's upcoming birthday, I nosedived into the archives of my hard drive back to 2010 to find some pictures to show them. We had newborn pictures taken in a studio - and I remember that day well. It was horrendous. We were there for hours as I tried to figure out nursing 2 babies - hoping to fill their tummies so they could be posed sleeping together. I very distinctly remember wanting to cry. We eventually did get those babies to sleep (shout out to all those studio newborn photographers out there - what they do is HARD!) and one of the pictures of them together is on the wall in my stairway. It's a beautiful image - but when I look at it, I know it's not enough for me. 


When I create an image for a client - of course I want you to enjoy it now - but I'm really creating it for the future you. When you look at the image from your newborn session in 8 years, 20 years, 50 years, I want you to remember the feel of baby's breath on your chest . . . 



and how you lovingly decorated his nursery.


I want you to see the love you have in your eyes when you're looking at him . . . 


that he looks up at you when he hears the sound of your voice . . . 


and how his feet fit in the palm of your hand.


I want you to remember the hours you spent feeding . . .


and how your first babies made room for him in their home and hearts.




I also create images for your babies. I want them to see how exciting every little thing they did was . . .


that they snuggled contently in your arms . . .


and that you're in love with them even when you're changing their diaper.

So while the picture of my newborn babies sleeping together is a perfectly executed portrait- it doesn't make me *feel* anything. I know that I surely used to look at those little people in awe, and that I let them curl their hands around my fingers, and that I tickled their tummies during diaper changes - but I don't remember any of it. I'd give anything to have our early days together documented in a way that could make it seem real again.


I would love to give you beautiful images that capture the wonder of having a newborn. Images that in 20 years will take you right back to that time and place - when you look at them, you can almost smell that sweet baby smell. 


If you'd like to see the rest of this session - you may view the gallery here.

If you'd like more information on how you can book an in-home newborn session, just send over a message and we can discuss the details!




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