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It's Not the House That Matters

February 23, 2018

Last year I committed myself to a 365-project - where I would take 1 picture a day of the real life happenings in my family. Each day I jotted down a note about the image and at the end of the year I compiled everything into a photo album. That album just arrived today (ooooh how I miss priority mail that is actually a priority!) and opening it for the first time brought tears to my eyes. It's always moving when I see my work in print - but this was so much more - it was my people - a whole year of our lives in my hand. These were our real moments and memories - in our house - with our things (mess!) - in our normal clothes.


As I shared pictures from that project throughout the year, I heard so many times from clients and friends, things like, "If my house looked as beautiful as yours, I'd love to have you document us in our home!" or "I'd love to remember our time here in Germany - but I don't really like the way our house looks."


Your real life IS beautiful - it IS worth preserving - and I'm going to pull back the curtain and show you that the way your home looks doesn't matter. When I document a family in their home, I'm not there to document the mess - I'm there to preserve the interactions and connections. Sometimes the mess is a big, beautiful part of that - and one day you'll look back and laugh at how the kids took over your living room and marvel at how you didn't break your neck tripping over all the Legos - but mostly it's about the people who are making that house a home.


After 8 military moves in the past 16 years - I've all but given up on having nice furniture and am too tired of hanging things on the wall to hang another thing on the wall. My house is plain - and it's a mess. When I look in my living room - here's what I see . . .



But when I document our lives in that space - here's what I capture . . . 



My kitchen is always cluttered - no matter how much counter space I have, I always need more . . .


But when I document our lives in our kitchen - this is what I capture . . .



When I look in my son's room, I can't help but shake my head and mutter a few choice words because this is what I see . . .


 But when I document my boy in his room - this is what I capture . . . 

 My point is - don't let fear of capturing the imperfect prevent you from documenting your lives. These memories are your family's legacy - it's how these military children - who will have had 10 homes by the time they're 18 - will remember what their room looked like in first grade - or their obsession with Pokemon cards in kindergarten - or the boy band posters that plastered their walls in 6th. It's proof that your kitchen table didn't have that scratch on it yet at your 3rd assignment - or that your couch had not yet been shredded by the cat until your 5th. 

I offer both half and full day-in-the-life sessions for families who want to preserve their everyday. If you decide to book with me, you and I will get together just to get to know each other a bit. I'll ask you about your family's hobbies and values so that I can shoot intentionally during our session. During the session, of course you'll know I'm there - but I promise it's super easy and much less stressful than getting your family dressed up for a portrait session! We might have some activities planned - but if life takes everyone a different direction - we just go with the flow! I give my clients their digital images so that they can make their own albums (there are so many options out there, but I most recently chose to use Blurb as it was the only company that offered enough pages - and I am truly impressed by the quality!) or I can design one for you. 

You can contact me here with questions or to book! 






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