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Zoe Does Target | Becca Allen Photography - Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

August 10, 2018

I met Zoe just a few days after she was born and have been lucky enough to get to document some of the biggest milestones in her short little life. I've also had the pleasure of getting to know her mama, Lindsey, who is one of the best moms out there - she is connected and confident and ever-patient with Zoe and it has been such fun to capture their relationship over the last year and half.


Today, I had the chance to document another big event in any girl's life - girl's day at Target!! It turned out to be a very exciting trip and Zoe had a big job of helping her mama make some pretty important purchases!






We found out in early June that we were expecting. It definitely came as a bit of a surprise! The best kind of surprise, of course, but still a surprise! I was pretty confident that I was pregnant before I took the test, but I still wanted to take the test in private so I didn’t get Justin’s hopes up! I think shocked would be the best way to describe his reaction!




We’ve been encouraging Zoe to play with her baby doll and telling her that we're having another baby, but who knows how much it’s sinking in right now! I can’t wait to see my two babies together though. She’s always been fascinated with babies and I hope they will be close.









As timing would have it, Zoe and I were leaving Germany a couple of days later to move back to the US with the plan in place that Justin would stay behind to finish everything up. That being said, he managed to miss out on most of the fun of my first trimester. Thankfully, aside from being completely exhausted (having a toddler will do that) and some slightly strange cravings (give me all the chips and salsa) everything was pretty uneventful! My best advice is to take all the help you can get when you’re moving with a little one! Everyone wants to help out, so don’t be afraid to take them up on it! Even if it’s just as simple as borrowing some toys while your things are in transit.








I am so excited for this little family!! They raise amazing babies and I can't wait to meet the next one!! But - baby news wasn't the only news . . . 





Letting Justin know was the best! He’s always wanted a son and so this addition really feels like we’re completing our family. He was also pretty sure we were destined to only have girls so it was another really good surprise!





I think I’m slightly terrified of the stereotypes you hear about being a boy mom . . . frequent ER trips, tinkles around the toilet, obsessions with all things creepy crawly, but I just can’t wait to meet him and see what he becomes and watch our children learn, grow and play. I hope he gets Justin’s fierce loyalty and passion for his hobbies and learning. I hope from me he gets patience, optimism and the motivation to always push himself.



Oh my goodness!!! Congratulations to this sweet little family!! But seriously, anyone wanna place on bets on whether Baby #2 is a redhead like his big sister?! :) 





















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